Posted on: July 7, 2008 10:27 pm

Where's Jalap?

  1. Had surgery on my ankle about 6 weeks ago
  2. Got a promotion 4 weeks ago
  3. Spent a week in Canada 3 weeks ago
  4. Traveling for work this week

So, I am actually doing work and living a life . . . for now.  But, being that I am on here posting today, I am sure my addiction will be back in full swing.  "Ah, I've kicked the habit, one little snort won't hurt me."

So, mark this as the most insignificant blog in history, and the start of a full blown relapse.


By the way, how about the Brewers getting CC?

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Posted on: April 18, 2008 9:53 am
Edited on: April 18, 2008 12:32 pm

CBS Sportsline is Ruining My Life!!!

Up until a few months ago I was a very happy person.  I have a great job that I am good at, I am working on my MBA and pulling a 3.8 GPA (compared to the 2.7 I pulled in my undergrad about a decade ago) and I have a great wife that I love.  But then I got invited to join the CBS Sportsline community.  

It has become an obession.  I check the message threads that I am interested in several times a day.  I pause several times during my homework time to see if  "that idiot Viking fan posted on the Packer thread again" or to see if anyone has posted the cure for cancer yet.  (It seems that someone has, but we are not sure when it will work, and for what forms of cancer.)   I also have to check the photo caption contest several times a day.  First I am very cautious. . . I have to peek very quickly to be sure that Shulace Joe hasn't posted some sort of nude review showing men's butts all over.  Then if I deem it safe for work (there is no way I can wait till I get home to post my entry) I spend time trying to come up with clever captions that are sure to make everyone laugh.  Unfortunally I think most of my captions make me laugh and no one else.

Then there is the baiting.  Instead of just posting like a good little community member, sometimes I feel the need to liven things up a bit.  So, instead of buckling down and doing some work, I make arguments on threads that I don't even care about!  Just to get into a discussion!  What is that about? 

Now, they give me a blog.  Damn you CBS Sportsline.  As if my  time were not wasted enough already, now you give me a forum to waste more?  You are evil.  Evil and disgusting.  I hope all of you geeks at your little computers, in your little cubes, (which I am sure are bigger than mine!) get carpal tunnel . . . cause I know I will!  

And Badger_Colorado . . . Damn you too!  You got me into this!  When I lose my job, flunk out of school, my wife leaves me, and I have nothing left, I will be knocking on your door!  It will be your computer that I will use to feed my addiction.  It will be your couch I will sleep on while waiting for responses to my well reasoned arguments about why the Brewers will win the central this year and about why the Vikings are much more evil than the Bears. (Although they are both spawned from the scum under Satan's toenails, the Vikings also have a bit of DNA from brussel sprouts.  That puts them over the top.)  It will be your food that I eat and your toilet that I crap in.  That is your punishment for being a pusher and a pimp for Sportsline. 

You will all get your comeuppance!

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